new things

Hello! Happy New Year!

After a long (almost a month) visit home we are settling back in here in the Ocean State.

I’ve been cooking, organizing, and sewing!

Here are a few pictures from the past week.

My precious child, asleep during the 16 hour car ride home.

Stretching her legs in the front seat.

This was the day after we got home. She was a ball of energy. She never stopped moving. I think she was just glad to be home.

Tonight we drove over to Jamestown to watch the sunset.

Someone is walking.

I made Jason his very own iPad case. Not bad for a first try.

This was a HORRIBLE disney character chair from Toys ‘R Us that I recovered. So much better and Bea LOVES it!

Oh and these. I think my butt is bigger already. Thanks a lot Pioneer Woman.


2 thoughts on “new things

  1. oh my gosh, you have been a busy girl since you got home! You girls are funny with wanting to cover your Disney chairs!! I love the pic of Bea laying on the couch!
    Thanks for the pictures!
    mom TB

  2. Hi Stacey. I haven’t looked her in awhile because it didn’t change while you were here, but mom told me all the things you have been doing. Whew! Sewing, cooking, being mom, what a girl! I love what you are making. What a hoot that Beatrice is, she is a little u gram

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