my little “helper”

Bea LOVES the fridge. LOVES. I’m pretty sure she would live in there if I would let her. Tonight before I put the groceries away I needed to wipe down the shelves and she “helped” me. She helped take out all the food, and then stood on it and wiped it down. I love this … Continue reading

new things

Hello! Happy New Year! After a long (almost a month) visit home we are settling back in here in the Ocean State. I’ve been cooking, organizing, and sewing! Here are a few pictures from the past week. My precious child, asleep during the 16 hour car ride home. Stretching her legs in the front seat. … Continue reading

Hey we’re having another baby!!!

Today Jason, Bea and I got to hear the baby’s heart beat. I love that sound. It’s the first connection, it’s the reassurance, it’s life. It’s my baby. I’m 12 weeks today, so the baby will be here in the middle of May. Now that we have gotten over the shock of being parents again, … Continue reading

October in Rhode Island

Oh how quickly it can go from giggles to big ole crocodile tears. Dad made Bea a new toy with a box and a rope which she loved until she tipped over. Poor girl. She loves drinking out of a real cup, and making a mess. Ah, what says fall better than pumpkins? Last Saturday … Continue reading

baby girl, please stop growing

Baby girl, you’re 10 months old and you are getting so big and so smart. I still love waking up to your babbles in the morning (even if it takes me a little longer to get there). You are so beautiful, precious girl. I even have strangers come up to me and tell me how … Continue reading

clam chowder (and pictures of Bea)

I’ve made a new goal to try a new recipe each week because I get so bored with our meals. I figured that since we are now living in New England, I should at least try to make clam chowder or as is pronounced here: chowdah. To make clam chowder you need clams, so I … Continue reading

what would she say?

“hmmm…i know there is a way to open this door.” “daddy, don’t go.” “yummy, the window tastes so good.” “hi mom” “what do i do now? how do i get out of here?” “i give up, i think I’ll just sit down.”“mom, seriously, STOP taking my picture.

holiday weekend

Saturday morning after I put Bea down for her first nap (I’m pretty sure she was up at 5am that morning) I decided that I was going to go swimming. I wasn’t sure where to go, so I just drove down ocean road, and then came back to Narragansett Beach. I knew that during the … Continue reading